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Wednesday, March 11, 2015


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Samsung's newest and most gorgeous flagship devices would be finally available for preorders starting next month. If you are planning on buying one of these gorgeous phones when the preorder window opens and would like know how much they would cost we have got the 411 on the pricing tiers for 12 countries from Sammy Hub.

The Galaxy S6 would be sold in Austria starting at €699 for the 32GB version and €849 for the 32GB version of the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Galaxy S6 will sell for 5,499 DKK and Galaxy S6 edge for 6,499 DKK in Denmark.

The pricing for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia  will range from 699 euros with the Galaxy S6 (32GB) and goes up to 1,049 euros for the 128GB Galaxy S6 edge.

The prices in Finland as as follows: Galaxy S6: 699 euros (32GB); 829 euros (64GB); 949 euros (128GB)
Galaxy S6 edge: 849 euros (32GB); 999 euros (64GB); 1,049 euros (128GB)

In Norway, the Galaxy S6 will go for 6590 NOK and Galaxy S6 edge for 7,990 NOK.

In Spain and Slovakia, the prices of the devices are as follows :

Galaxy S6: 699 euros (32GB); 799 euros (64GB); 899 euros (128GB)
Galaxy S6 edge: 849 euros (32GB); 949 euros (64GB); 1,049 euros (128GB)

In Sweden, the prices will start  from 6990 SEK in April.

The prices in Switzerland are as follows Galaxy S6: 699 CHF (32GB); 799 CHF (64GB); 899 CHF (128GB)
Galaxy S6 edge: 849 CHF (32GB); 949 CHF (64GB); 1,049 CHF (128GB)

In the United Kingdom, the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 will start at £550.

Source:Sammy Hub

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