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Saturday, March 14, 2015


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I have always admired  and recommended Nokia's HERE map services above any other maps services including Google Maps. Besides the fact that HERE Maps let's you download and use the maps without a data connection, i believed that it's maps covered more areas in Nigeria than Google Maps.

Recently on a trip to Ajah in Lagos, i had a chance to test out these two services as i couldn't find my way to my cousin's place.
So i fired up the HERE maps and it was spot clean besides the river, it showed nothing, no landmarks or streets. I then tried the Google Maps, and it had streets and landmarks. However i couldn't use the drive navigation as the streets shown on the map didn't have names on it.

Having experienced this, i have to hand the road navigation crown to Google maps. I really hope that Google brings full offline maps in the future and Nokia finds a way of keeping its maps updated.

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