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Friday, January 2, 2015


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The Ultra Power Saving mode happens to be one of the features from the Samsung Galaxy s5 that i really wanted on my Galaxy Note 3. And i was hoping that the Kitkat update would bring this feature but that didn't happen and so did the leaked lollipop ROM. I recently stumbled on a tutorial on XDA on how to enable this feature by flashing a zip file and installing a new settings app, which requires rooting your device first. After a bit of tinkering with QuickShortcutMaker, i was able to dig into a hidden settings option which allows me to switch me to get some of the benefits of the Ultra Power saving mode by enabling the Greyscale mode, which saves power by making the screen greyscale .

[UPDATE] Dr Ketan from XDA has created an installable APK that saves you from doing all these steps. All you need to do is download, install and run the app (APSM).to enable the Greyscale mode

DOWNLOAD APSM Link 1  Link 2

First of you need to have the Lollipop ROM Installed on your Galaxy Note 3 and QuickShortcutMaker. If you have these already then you can follow the steps below. (you can achieve the same thing with Nova launcher, however i find it takes a lot more steps than QuickShortcutmaker)

1. Open the QuickShortcutmaker app, and switch to normal search from the incremental search.

2. Type in "saving" into the input field and tap on Search, you should get four results in the Settings icon.

3. tap on the Settings icon and tap on the items (i would recommend with starting with the third item) listed to get into the Shortcut creation page where you can try the shortcut to see what it does, edit the label and change the icon. 

4.Tap on Try to see what the shortcut does, if you tapped on the right one. You should see the screen below.

5. Press the back button to get back to the shortcut creation page and tap on Create to place a shortcut to this menu on your homescreen (you can change the label and icon from here before creating the shortcut).

6. Once you have created the shortcut, you can now head back to your Homescreen and open the Power saving menu by tapping on the shortcut icon you just created. You can choose to enable or disable any of the options in the menu, for me i rather not have the background data restricted so i have that turned off. 

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  1. It is 'power saving mode', not 'ULTRA power saving mode'. It is possible to make a shortcut to the 'ULTRA...' but it doesn't work on Galaxy Note 3.


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