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Saturday, January 17, 2015


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The 2015 Presidential election in Nigeria is just a month away and once more the electorates are faced with a choice of two candidates. On one hand there is the incumbent and on the other hand  is a former head of state. In an ideal world (or a less screwed up one) these candidates might not be considered as the forerunners for such an esteemed position.

The incumbent President has been described in some circles as weak and clueless. It goes without saying that the incumbent has failed to address many of the issues that plagues our country, one of them is the growing insecurity in the Northern part of the country which has seen the death toll rise to over 6000 people over the last six years since the incumbent took over the helms of this country. In other sectors, he has also failed to perform, in 2012 the people were promised that the drive to deregulate the downstream of the petroleum sector would in the long run benefit the people. But in last few months of 2014 it's clear that this was just a rouse to make more funds available for misappropriation as the global crude oil prices have fallen but yet these changes have yet to be reflected in the prices of crude oil products which was supposed to the main benefit of the deregulation to the masses. But It has not been all doom and gloom, the Agricultural sector has been said to be on the up and up. Railway transportation has been rejuvenated with the acquisition of fairly used coaches and engines, which has helped to push down the cost of intercity transportation.

The opponent is in the person of an overthrown Head of State whose previous two-year reign oversaw a massive disregard for basic human rights in the late 70s. The reign of this former head of state saw the first and only genuine drive to curb the growing level of corruption which led to the jailing of a large number of the nation's political elites. The former head of state has also been accused of being intolerant to the nation's religious heterogeneity and that his reign might see Nigeria becoming an Islamic state. The former head state has some positives on his side, it is no secret that has a firm stand against corruption and indiscipline, which might just be what the country needs at this time considering the crushing weight of the cost of governance on masses. The level of corruption  has become a massive drain on the resources that should be used in providing basic infrastructures and amenities to the people of Nigeria. A former (recent) Secretary of state of the United States of America has been known to have say that level of corruption and impunity of the present government is heads and shoulders above other administrations.

Beyond the personalities that have been presented before the masses as saviours. The question still remains, do any of these persons have the needs of masses at heart or are they just here to rule?. Are you sufficiently pleased with the events of the last 6 years to vote for another 4 years of rule considering that he doesn't have to impress during the second term?
Our history is littered with leaders who have dropped the ball in their second tenure as they do not need our votes any more since the constitution limits them to just two terms. Is the opposition the ideal candidate considering his past, his reputation and his achievements during his previous two year regime.

At the end of the day, the real question is "are you content with things the way it is"? Or "The general direction in which things are heading?". Do we want this jarring change now or do we wait another four years for another candidate to bring this change?.

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