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Saturday, January 17, 2015


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This piece is a bit overdue by a week or so, and is the third and final piece of my tattoo experience. The first two parts details my experience from the first day and what transpired days after you can look them up here and here.
 I decided to delay this last piece till the tattoo is totally healed enough to show off (winter wont let me be great too). The tattoo took about 2 weeks to heal, that is having the scabs fall off to reveal the healed skin beneath. The process took quite sometime since the tattoo was a rather large one. Was it worth the trouble? I don't really think so. Would I consider getting another one? Hell Yeah!, I like my tattoo and I can't really help but look at some other tattoos that I would like to get. 
This first one has taught sometimes about getting a tattoo. If you are considering getting a tattoo you should note consider noting these things.
1. Tattoos hurt like crazy depending on the size and colour of the tattoo. If you have an aversion to needles, this might be a problem. Tribal tattoos like the one I have on uses a sizeable amount of ink and thus hurt a little bit more. While getting my tattoo I found that the yellow eye on the lion hurt quite much at some stage, I almost had the Tattoo artist stop.
2. It would be wise to allow the bandage stay on for some time after the tattoo. This would help to prevent infection.
3. Avoid scratching the tattoo. This can not be overstated; you would experience some itching as the tattoo starts to heal and it would be in your best interest to avoid scratching it. Instead apply an antibacterial lotion over it for the first 2 to 3 days.
4. Once the scabs begin to form, I would advise you avoid applying any lotion over the tattoo especially any containing oil. The oil would cause the tattoo to take longer to heal.
5. Once the scabs fall off, you can apply some lotion over that area to make the skin look better. But avoid spreading the lotion over those areas that still have scabs over it.
6. Once the scabs have fallen off, you can now apply lotion over it like normal.
7. If you intend on showing off the tattoo it is advisable to apply sunscreen over it to prevent it from fading

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