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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


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I just got the new August EP640 Bluetooth headphones for my international trip, and I felt kind of compelled to share my thoughts on these headphones with you. I have previously reviewed the August EP650 Bluetooth headphones which I have been using for some months now, overall the EP650 has been spectacular and I am only buying this one as I somehow managed to break the audio jack and only one of the speakers work now with the 3.5mm cable plugged,  otherwise it still works brilliantly with Bluetooth enabled.

The August EP640 looks a lot better than the EP650 in my opinion, it sports a more orthodox circular design and the buttons fits better with the design. The August EP640 comes with a USB cable and a two side 3.5mm audio cable. The package is pretty basic but that shouldn't be a problem considering that these headphones cost £33 on Amazon.

Putting on the August EP640, it kind of tight and after a few minutes of wearing them I no longer felt any discomfort and enjoyed the feel.

The audio quality is good for it's price. The bass was a bit less than i had gotten used to with August EP650.  If you are looking for something similar to the bass heavy sounds produced by the Beats by Dre range at a reasonable price then the EP650 is definitely the way to go. At the end of the day, i had to return the EP640 and repurchase the EP650.

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