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Monday, December 8, 2014


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Anyone who has used the internet at one point or the other has at one point has read a Wikipedia article, and if you are a student or just someone who has had to look up something chances are that you have used Wikipedia as a springboard for your research. Wikipedia and it's sisters websites are a great source of adequately reviewed knowledge which eliminates the need to make that need to spend long hours visiting a local library to research a topic or subject. And Wikipedia provides this vital services without bogging down their pages with any form of ads which leaves donations from good people who have found Wikipedia useful; as the way in which the Wikimedia Foundation can afford to keep the Wikipedia up and running on on webservers and available to all.

Donations to Wikipedia starts at as little as $3 and goes a long way in keeping this great internet services up and running. Please do visit this page to make a donation to Wikipedia.

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