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Saturday, December 27, 2014


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Yesterday i stumbled on a leaked lollipop ROM for the Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005) variant on XDA. having installed the ROM on my Galaxy Note 3 yesterday i can say the ROM is quite stable and as close to the official OTA update that would be pushed to devices next year. 
Before you follow the steps below, i have to warn that flashing ROMs is quite risky, it could brick your device in the process and voids your warranty.

if you can't really wait till 2015 to get your hands on lollipop, you can start off by downloading the archive containing the ROM and Odin 3.0.9 from the links below.
Odin 3.0.9

You would need to extract the files in both archives and run the Odin application (Before you start you should back up your device using KIES, saves you the trouble of downloading most of apps using your data connection and also saves the files in the internal memory).

Boot your Galaxy Note 3 into download mode by turning off the phone and then holding the Volume down, Menu button and then the Power button. Once your phone is in Download mode press the volume up button to continue.

Connect your phone to the Computer using the Official cable that comes with your device (any USB cable should work but you should always go with the official cable for things like this). The ID:COM bar should a connected port.

Next you need to input the right files into the Files section, fortunately the file names makes it quite easy to do so. 
The pit file should go to the PIT input (This is for the 32GB version only, users with the 16GB should skip this), then you can proceed to input the other files following the file name i.e the file starting with AP should go into the AP input, BL file should go into the BL, CP file into CP input and CSC file into the CSC input and then click on the Update Phone Bootloader option and click on Start. 

The process should take about five (5) minutes or more and the process is complete, your phone should reboot a couple of times. The first boot takes a long time (about 20 minutes or so), so please do be patient. 

Once your phone has finish booting you would be presented with the usual Samsung set up screen.
You can also use the video below as a guide on flashing your Samsung device with this ROM.

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