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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


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It's been a remarkable year for wearable tech ever since Samsung introduced the Galaxy Gear. And it's been long expected that Apple would throw it's hat into the ring and today they did with the Apple Watches. The Apple watches come in two distinct sizes. Unlike the Samsung Gear watches and Android Wear the Apple watch uses a trifecta of touch, voice and the crown for interaction.

The Apple watch takes a step away from the bare simplicity of the Android wear watches with the inclusion of apps such as maps, music widgets, photos, fitness and workout among others. Apple already has a lot of partners developing apps for the Apple watch. The Apple watch can also be used as a remote for the Apple TV, a remote viewfinder for the iPhone and a walkie talkie. The Apple watch is charged via a magnetic wireless charger. Much like the Gear and Android wear watches, the Apple watch would also come with a heart rate sensor and tether with your iPhone

The Apple watch would come in three models: the Apple watch, Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition starts at $349.

I got to admit that the Apple Watch looks much cooler than the Gear S and a lot more functional than any of the half baked Android Wear watches.

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