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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


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Smartphones generally differ from the feature phones of the previous decades as they are packed with more functions than feature phones and bear a resemblance to today's computers or its next evolutionary step. It have even be said that the present generations of Smartphones are more powerful today than the computers that helped put man on the moon. And it's really a shame that most of us have been unable to put them to much use beyond some causal use cases. 
 If you are one of those upwardly mobile people that do not like to be confined by the restrictions of the deskspace or a bulky laptop particularly when handling documents. Did you know that you can fill in documents on the go using nothing but your smartphone?. If you did then you are good, however if you didn't then scroll down to see how you could go about that assuming that the document is in a PDF format.

1.To get started, you would need to download and install the Adobe Reader app from the App store (Google Play, Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, Windows Phone). Once you have downloaded the Adobe Reader app and the document you need to fill out. 

2. The next step is to open the document using the Adobe reader. Once the document has been opened, you need to tap on the comment icon (the text bubble with the pen) to enter edit mode. 

3. The next step is to zoom into the field where you need to enter text into 
4. Then tap on the T icon on the icon bar
 5. Then tap on the text field you want the text in, this would present you with a text box to enter the text you want to enter, type your text and tap on save.

6. Most times the text isn't exactly where you would want them to be, and that's not a problem as you can change the position, font size and colour of the text, heck you can delete it if you aren't happy with it. you just need to tap on the text to bring up textbox.
7. To adjust the position of the text you need to move the circles on the edges of the textbox and move it to the position you want.
8. You can also change the font size and the colour of the text from the options.

9. Signing documents requires a similar approach, but this time you need to select the signature icon (pen with the writing)
10. And like the text entry, you need to go to the line where you want your signature appended, and select add signature (if you haven't previously done so)
11. This would open a pad where you can enter your signature and adjust the thickness of it.

12. When you are satisfied, tapping on save would enter your signature to the document, you  only would need to adjust the position of the signature just like the text.

Google Play
Amazon (for Blackberry/Kindle)
Windows Phone

N.B: This article was written from an Android point of view, however since the app is available on these platforms it would work just as well.

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