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Monday, September 22, 2014


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 One of the great things about Android is the ability to change the default apps for handle certain interactions with your phone such as the default browser, keyboard, SMS, contact, photo viewer among others. In this article i would be talking a look at some beautiful SMS replacement apps that i have tried out and loved.

 Hello SMS have one of the best UIs of the three and probably the easiest to use. The developers really put an effort in making it very easy to switch between contacts by simplying tapping on the contact icon from the side bar. The swiping from the side bar allows you to view the contact name in case you aren't sure of who the icon belongs to. Hello SMS would be my preferred SMS app if it supported delivery notifications.

Don't be in a hurry setting up Hello SMS for the first time else you might end up sending an invitation SMS to all contacts to download hello sms

 The Evolve SMS is one of the most customizable SMS apps, i switch to evolve SMS after being frustrated by the lack of delivery notifications in Hello SMS. Evolve SMS is great for people that send a lot of SMS as it's sliding UI allows for one to switch quickly between conversations. Evolve SMS is more of a freemium app as it requires an In-App Purchase to unlock some features and use themes.


The Textra app is currently my favourite SMS app for now as it adopts Google's material design and uses a black background which is great for Samsung's AMOLED displays. The UI is simplistic and quite easy to get around. it's probably the fastest SMS app i have used judging from the time it takes to launch from tapping on the icon.

One thing these three apps share that is particulaly useful is the ability to reply texts from the notification shade and popups. The pop-up notification of Textra is better implemented and looks better than the other two.


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