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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


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It's a damn shame to watch the great Manchester United football club look hapless against a minion like the Milton Keynes Dons. But i am not writing them off just yet, like i told people who were quick to liken the appointment of Van Gaal to the reign of greats like Sir Alex Ferguson before his first competitive match after watching him perform exceptionally well with the Dutch national team and during the pre-season matches. It takes a lot to make winners out of just any team, even the magnificent Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola struggled during the first days of their reign. But as Football fans today we reflect back on their respective reigns at Manchester United and Barcelona in awe of their amazing trophy haul.
With time i see Louis van Gaal making this set of players a stand out team in the premier league. A team that would extend Manchester United's record Premiership title run. The road back to the top would be rough and tortuous but history has shown that the lads at Sir Busby way would always rise to the challenge.

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