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Friday, March 21, 2014


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I recently gave in to using a Bluetooth enabled  headphones from my usual choice of in ear headset mainly because of issues with them going bad as a result of some damage to the wiring. I wanted something that was wireless and the same heavy bass production like the popular beats by dre but at a fraction of the cost.  After trying out a few in stores I gave up on my search and had planned on getting the Beast studio wireless. But fortunately for me I stumbled on the a review of August EP650B on Amazon and decided to give it a try.

Design wise the August EP650B looks like a premium headphones. The cups sports a curved rectangular build which kinda matches the shape of ear and is well padded and does not get uncomfortable or hot after long usage. The headband is also padded. The headphone folds inwards making it easy to carry around. The right ear cup has a set of media buttons for playback control, so you can play, pause, skip tracks and control the volume. The left ear is blank with just the August logo and Bluetooth written on it. Connecting the headphones to any bluetooth enabled device was quite easy. All it requires is turning on the headphones by pushing the play button for 2 seconds and then pressing and holding the two volumes for 3 to 5 seconds to put it in pairing mode. The headphones comes with a usb cable for charging the headphone and a two plug 3.5mm cable for connecting to devices that do not have bluetooth capability. And it also has a built-in microphone which allows you to take calls with it.

The headphone audio production is quite comparable to the production you can get with any beats by dre headphones. For me I think it beats the dre solo headphones and is easily comparable to that of beats pro line. The headphones has a heavy bass production which I kinda like. The voice production is also quite good. The battery life on this headphones is quite impressive and can easily last two days. I was able to get nine hours of playback on these, without getting a low battery notification.

If you looking for a great looking headphones with good sound production for a low price, you should consider purchasing the August EP650B and you can easily buy one of these from eBAY or Amazon for £30 to £35 ($53 or €40). You can use the links below to purchase them from either Amazon or eBay. These headphones are also available in white and red.


BUY FROM  eBAY UK,   eBAY US, Amazon.com

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