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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


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Back in the old days of the roman empire whenever the Caesar wanted to keep the ordinary people distracted so as to prevent them from protesting about their problems they had gladiator games at the coliseum and other arenas today.
in Nigeria to distract us from questioning their penchant for squandering our resources, the elected ones have introduced a needless law to get us arguing among ourselves especially when the issues do not really affect most of us directly.  

If asked where i stand on the issue of this controversial issue, i choose to stand on the side of humanity, why try to choose the way that other people should live their lives when you have the freedom to live your life as you see fit. Is it not enough that you can choose to live your life as you see fit that you want to condemn God's creation because they have a contrary opinion to the general perceived idea of what companionship should be. 

I just hope that the generations to come would not look back at this act and label us as wicked and murderous because of our act today. For there was a time that killing of twins was seen as a good and necessary thing, there was a time that racial segregation was seen as necessary act even backed up by religious folks, there was a time that slavery and slave ownership was seen in good light in all spheres of life. But today these acts are branded as inhumane.

One way of other gripes with this bill is the amount of resources that was spent on this piece of legislature. Instead of this bill on gay marriage (when the act of sodomy still exists) couldn't the legislators have passed some bills that would empower the mining industry and bring a turnaround in the fortunes of this industry that has a potential of bringing in billions of naira into our economy, couldn't they have spent that time working to make agriculture lucrative enough for private investors to invest in this sector.  I could think a thousand and one things that they could have been doing with their time that seem to cost us a lot of money. And i could also think of a couple of things that we could all be doing instead of arguing about why homosexuals should be prevented from living their lives as they see fit as long as they do not harm any other person.  But yet here we are walking backwards while other countries either decide not to make a show of this issue (and remember we still have a law that makes sodomy punishable in our constitution before now). It's a damn shame that this beloved country of ours does not let go of any opportunity to paint  other Nigerians in the diaspora in bad light, or bring shame to the word "Nigerian"....

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