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Sunday, December 29, 2013


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The year 2013 has finally come screeching to a halt, and I have been reflecting on my time over the year (yeah, thinking of a new year resolution ). Well I also had time to look into my app usage over the year. Having installed a diverse range of apps over the course of the year, I decided to share a list of apps that I have absolutely loved or has been most useful to me over the course of the year.
  1. Evernote
  2. Dead Trigger 2
  3. Google Drive
  4. Cover
  5. BBM
  6. Nova Launcher
  7. Trip Advisor
  8. Chrome
  9. Llama
  10. exDialer

I started using Evernote a few months ago and it's being an amazing tool for me, previously I had been using ColorNote and Keep but Evernote is miles better than any of those two. I could basically type my notes on my phone and easily make word documnets from it. Dead Trigger 2 is the only game I have enjoyed this year, I have tried quite a few and most of them were ruined by In App Purchases which made these games  unenjoyable without any purchases. Google Drive almost made me dump Dropbox, I use it for sharing photos. And most of my friends all use GMail and those also allows them to easily save the pictures I share with them to their PCs. Cover is practically a god sent for me, as it basically allows me to acess my Camera app without unlocking my phone (my devicr has a PIN enabled lock screen and thus my shortcuts don't work). While Whatsapp might be the king of instant messaging apps, The BlackBerry Messenger  practically stole the show this year. And it's been a great app to have. I think Whatsapp could learn a thing or two from BBM. Having a username or PIN would be a good thing to have. I recently made a switch from Go Launcher which I have been using for over a year and half to Nova launcher. I found the app much more responsive than Go Launcher, all though it lacks a few things that Go launcher has. I travelled a bit this year and the Trip Advisor really came in handy with hotel booking, sights to see and city guides. For the first time in 8 years I had to change web browsers since the guys behind Opera decided to make their first major overhaul of my trusted Opera which made the last two versions I tried more crash prone than I could bear. So I decided to move my bookmarks and browsing habits fully to Chrome,  and I haven't looked back since then. One of the most underrated android apps is Llama, while other automation apps like Tasker get all the attention. Llama really gets no mention despite what this little fella can do and how more user friendly it is compared to Tasker. It's no secret that Samsung's Touchwiz could use some serious optimisation and the dialer app is just too sluggish so I replaced it with exDialer.

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