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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


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Sometime ago Samsung demoed their SideSync app which allows Samsung users to control their Galaxy devices from their PCs. The SideSync app  not only allows you to receive your Phone notifications on your PC but also respond to them from your PC, which is great when you are working on your PC and your Phone is charging. However the Samsung SideSync app is limited to just people who own a Samsung laptop. Thanks to the guys at XDA and MobiZen, you too can have this functionality on just about any PC out there.
I was able to replicate the same amount of functionality on my HP Envy laptop using the MobiZen app which i downloaded from the MobiZen website and then installing the companion Android app on my Galaxy Note 3. Setting it was practically straight forward, the PC app allows you to use a USB or WIFI connection to link the two devices. And the PC app mirror everything i did on my Phone and i could also control my Phone from my laptop, replying messages on whatsapp and BBM. here are some pictures of the app at work. 

if you would like to also install this app on your Phone head over to MobiZen to download the app.

here's a video of the app at work

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