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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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Finally BBM have joined the likes of Whatsapp, Viber, LINE, WeChat etc as a cross-platform app and instantaneously it sky-rocketed to the top of the app charts with over 10 million downloads in it's first week in the Google play store alone.
I was excited to finally have the app up and running but after a few weeks of usage, my interest in the app has plateau and it's on this way downwards.
And the old saying that "the grass is greener at the other side" is starting to look truer. And I find myself wishing that it had some of the features it's competitors have.

I never really appreciated the fact that Whatsapp simply populated your chat contacts by just rummaging through your address book until i downloaded the BBM app.
Like seriously having to ask for PINS is just so cumbersome and outdated.

2. The Persistent Notification icon
Blackberry seems to be the only messenger that has be so poorly written that it needs the persistent notification icon to fetch messages .
If whatsapp can make it work with their limited resources, how can a big firm like BlackBerry not be do so?.

3. Some features are lacking
I would think that BlackBerry with all the time they had to work on this app would try to make on par with its competitors at the go, but no!, they decided to cripple this app as reasonably allowable.
I tried sending a contact via vcard and to my surprise there was no option to do so.

I dont like the way the chat bubbles is set up, on Whatsapp you get a single chat bubble for each message you send while on BBM the messages get grouped into a single chat bubble which sometimes makes it difficult for me to follow a conversation.

5. UI is below par
BBM doesn't make the best use of the screen, with Whatsapp I can see a more text and data at a glance without needing to scroll but with bbm there is a lot of wasted spaces. Even though BBM has a better design and choice of smileys, the size of the smileys after being embedded in the chats is rather small when compared to the size of the chat bubble.

This is not a BBM bashing I do like it, but these areas I would like to see an improvements. look forward to my post on what i like about the BBM app within the week .

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