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Sunday, October 27, 2013


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Have you ever wanted to download or save a photo you found on instagram which you absolutely loved but just couldn't find a way to save to your device (yeah, you could take a screenshot of the photo but that just degrades the quality).
I would be sharing with you guys how you can save instagram photos by following a few steps. Before i start i would like to point out that this trick works on just android devices for the time being and you would have to have rooted your device in order to use this trick.
If your device is rooted then we can continue

1.  You have to have the Xposed Frameworks Installer installed on your device. if you don't have this installed yet you can get it from HERE. Install it like a normal app, then open it and click on the Install button.  If you need to get more details about the Xposed Frameworks Installer you can go to this page 
2. Download and install this module on your phone (once you have installed it you would get a prompt from    Xposed Framework Installer to activate a new module).
3. Open up the Xposed Installer and switch to the Modules Tab and check the Instagram Downloader.
4. Reboot your phone
5. Open the Instagram app.
6. Navigate to the photo you want to save and tap on the three dots at the bottom.

7. You would then see a pop-up menu, click on download.

8.  And then wait for it to be download, after it has been downloaded it the photo would show up in your gallery app (the photos or video is generally saved in your "Downloads" folder).

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    1. Also you can download photo from instagram with http://grabinsta.com service.


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