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Saturday, October 26, 2013


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One of the issues i had with my galaxy Note 3 was the Browser for some reason the built-in browser insisted on telling me what it was doing at anytime. For instance when i clicked on a link in the S-Planner calendar app which would only open up in the Internet app, the browser would tell me when the page was loading and when it has loaded which could be annoying especially if you are a meeting or some place where cellphone usage is frowned up.
This bug really put me off using the Internet app (not that i really like using the app but Samsung left me no choice with the way they integrated the S Planner app with the browser). I had experienced a similar issue with my galaxy S2 where the Touchwiz launcher also spoke out every navigational action, this problem occurs when you give some apps such Llama, NoLED etc administrator privileges.

 For the Galaxy Note 3, the rogue app was Llama. after i disable the adminstrator privilege that i had given the app. the Browser no longer did that anymore.

To disable the administrator privilege.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click on the Device tab
  • Click on the Accessibility option
  • Scroll down to Services
  • Click on Llama 
  • Change the Toggle to Off
  • Go back to the Internet app and try loading a page, if the issue still prevails
  • Go back to the Services Option and Toggle "Talkback + any other app" off, (it's probably best if you try this one app at a time).

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