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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


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One of the features that i love on the Galaxy Note 3 is the pen window feature which allows you to multi-task with some apps in a small window while still having the main app in view this can come handy with browsing the web and also chatting with a friend but not wanting to switch back and forth.
This feature was first introduced by the Facebook messenger app and has been replicated to greater extent on the paranoid custom ROM.
 With the Galaxy Note 3 the choice of apps is limited to just a handful of apps like the Calculator, Internet, Clock, Youtube, Phone, Contact, Hangouts and Whatsapp. But fortunately for the adventurous a member of the XDA Developer forum has found a workaround that allows one to add more apps to the Pen Window.

The steps are fairly simple and requires

1. one to have rooted his Galaxy Note 3 and Busybox installed.
2. Create a Nandroid backup (just in case something goes wrong and you need to return your device to a working state).
3. Then Download and install the Pen Window Manager app from here
4. Run the app and tick the apps you want to appear on the pen window.
5. Save your selections by click the save icon (the floppy disk at the bottom of the page).
6. Reboot your phone and you are good to go.

If you have got any issue regarding this please head over to the XDA forum page.
 As with every form of rooting or hacking their is a fair amount of risk involved only try this if conversant with rooting.

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