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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


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Owning a tablet in Nigeria is becoming fashionable with more and more people using them to replace paper bibles and awkwardly filming videos or taking pictures at social events.

And I also have been considering buying one but have been held back mainly due to the fact that it wouldn't replace the need to have a computer handy. Considering how much the iPad and the various android tablets sucks at multitasking (multi window multitasking). My only option was getting a Galaxy Note 10.1 but I was warned off it by an Note 10.1 user who complained about the screen resolution and had advised me to wait for the next iteration of the Galaxy Note 10.1.
Well while I had my mind set on waiting for the Galaxy Note tablet i was given HP Envy x2 laptop to set up and my mind was made up on which device to buy.

The HP Envy x2 is a hybrid laptop, which is basically a laptop with a detachable touch screen. The HP Envy x2 is a beautiful laptop with a sleek aluminium body. The laptop is a joy to use and is very light to carry and hold (I own a HP Mini laptop and holding them in both hands my HP Mini kind of felt heavy and ugly).

Detaching the screen from the keyboard gives a tablet to use to sleek show off to friends, watch movies on, play games, and take to church as a bible.

The HP Envy x2 offers professionals the best of both worlds as it gives you the convenience of a tablet and the versatility of a regular laptop allowing you run every application you require in the office.
The battery life of this laptop hybrid is quoted at 12 hours with the keyboard and at over 7 hours when used as a tablet ( without the keyboard ).
I found the inbuilt memory a little too small at 64GB but the presence of a microSD slot makes up for the shortfall and the fact that you could add additional storage via an external hard drive and a flash drive.
watching movies on this devices couldn't be any easier, as its Windows Operating system allows it to be connected to an external DVD Drive and movies could either be watched directly or copied into the computer for viewing later.
Some people might cite that the Windows ecosystem doesnt have as many apps as the Android and iOS platforms which isn't a problem as one could easily installed a program called BlueStack which allows you to install and run Android apps and games.
The HP Envy x2 can be purchased at retail shops that sell computers from N130,000 and above or online at Jumia at N154,000. Ordering from HP would see it cost between $650 to $700

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