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Monday, May 6, 2013


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If you have ever wanted to prevent some people from viewing some files and Videos (heck even mp3) on you Android device, but you don't know how ended up deleting them just becuase the Gallery keeps showing them.
Then you in luck as this simple tutorial below would help you hide your pictures, audio, and video files from prying eyes.
Before we can proceed you need a file explorer such as ES Explorer and a gallery viewer like QuickPic. Which are free to download on the Google Play Store, when you have installed them you proceed with step 1.
1. Create a folder where you want all your pictures & videos that you don't want people to see using the ES Explorer by clicking on the + at the bottom and selecting new folder.

2. Select the files, by pressing and holding on one the files, this would put a check box in front of all the files and all you have to do is touch all the files you wan to hide.
3. Once you have selected all the necessary files, click on CUT at the bottom action bar.

4. Now Navigate to the folder you want to put the files in and click on PASTE at the bottom action bar. >

5. After moving all the necessary files to the folder, Open QuickPic then press and hold the album containing the files you want to hide, the album would then be highlighted with a box around it.

6. After the album is highlighted, click on the three horizontal dots at the top of the screen and select hide from the options (this will prompt you about putting a .nomedia file in the folder), select OK and the file would be hidden from the Gallery.

7. If you have followed all these steps them your personal files will be hidden from the Gallery and the only to view them is by using a File manager or from QuickPic (show hidden files feature).

NB: You can also protect your hidden files from unauthorized access in QuickPic by enabling a password in the settings of QuickPic. To do this click on the Options button and select Settings, then select Browse, scroll to the bottom of the list and tick Protect Hidden folders, this would prompt you to enter a password of your chosen.
For tech savvy users, you can skip installing QuickPic by inserting a file named .nomedia in the folder you have placed your personal files. To do this create a file by pressing the + icon on ES Explorer and selecting File instead of folder when you are your hidden folder, type in  .nomedia as the name of the file and OK to save it.
To Download QuickPic Click HERE.
To download ES Explorer CLICK HERE

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