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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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The guys behind the popular social network 2go have finally unveiled a touch friendly Android app before now android users where stuck with a UI better suited for small screen devices with physical keys which made using the 2go app very difficult to use on.
The entire UI has been redesigned making it very much useable with touch screen devices

The new Log in screen, way better than this below.

The Friend list is even better than before.

The new active chat list, I could remember how difficult it was to switch from the friend list to active chat list, now all it takes is a swipe to the right from the friends list.

The new chatroom UI, which is accessible from the friends list by swiping twice to the right.

Adding a new friend is easier than ever, clicking the icon with a plus on the friends list would take you directly to the page.

The new profile page (kinda reminds me of the Facebook an Twitter profile page) looks modern.

The new android app has push notifications which allows android users to continue to receive messages even when the app is closed.

If you have got an android device and you are on 2go, then downloading this app is an absolute necessity. You can download it for your android phone or tablet from the Play Store or Here

Thanks to Elroy Chibex for the tip

Old 2go login screen courtesy Mobility

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