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Thursday, April 25, 2013


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The visually impaired has always been left out of the loop with many phones and even smartphone devices aimed mainly at sighted users. But now all that is about to change thanks to Sumit Dagar who has developed a smartphone with variable braille bumps that change themselves to represent the information. The phone uses a haptic touch screen, which is comprised of a grid of tiny, height-variable bumps, allowing users to feel information.

The phone can also act like a translator which can scan text and convert them into braille. The device is also capable of displaying photos, videos, maps and charts by converting them into braille.
The device is still at it's developmental stage, and might soon be available as thanks to the recognition the project has received of late, not to mention a handy cash injection of $50,000 from a major innovation award (courtesy Rolex) and with the help of the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and L V Prasad Eye Institute

Source: Mother Nature Network

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