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Thursday, April 25, 2013


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Facebook for Blackberry has deceived a much needed update that brings the UI closer to the UI on Android, iOS, and its touch mobile site. The update is available to legacy Blackberry devices running OS 5 and above.
The update bumps the app up to Version 4.0.

The changelog for Facebook for Blackberry 4.0
  • Stay connected with friends and discover content quicker with greater navigation tools and an enhanced photo experience.
  • Enhanced navigation – a brand new navigation list slides in from the left, allowing you to access your favorite tabs. For easier discovery and viewing, “Friends” and “Pages” now occupy separate tabs and unique notification drop downs including “Messages” and “Requests” replace the “Today” header.
  • Better photo experience – You now have more photo options with the update to give you a richer experience. Enjoy full screen photo browsing, add or view tags of photos, and make selections with the Comment and Like buttons.
  • Quicker access to updates – Get faster content updates by engaging the “pull down to refresh” option so you can check for the latest on “News Feed posts,” “Wall,” “Messages,” “Events,” and “Nearby” pages.

Click Here to get the update

Source: Blackberry blog

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