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Monday, March 18, 2013


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Social Networks such as Facebook and Twitter has pushed the limits of human interaction further, removing the limitations of boundaries and distance. Thereby allowing people that would have never met or interacted, communicate with each other regardless of the distance. The advantages presented by these social networks have been known to be used negativity (or positively depending on which side of the fence you are at). Some people have taken this opportunity to embellish their true position, some have turned it up several notches that the lies have become so numerous and outrageous, that the only lie that they haven't told is that they own mansions in heaven.
The preposterous lies is not what this article seeks to address, and this bring us to this point, the most commonly told lies on Facebook and Twitter are:
1. They say they are doing something when they are actually at home by themselves.
This is a common lie told on Fridays, Concert dates, public holidays. And the picture below illustrates thus perfectly.

On Fridays, you see people put up the usual "TGIF" as their Facebook or Twitter pages, Caliente Loading, Oniru loading, Heading to......, At..... (You can fill in the blank at this point).

2. They lie about how much alcohol they drink.
I really don't know when this became a trend or a skill set. I had a friend of a friend brag about drinking 5 bottles of Hennessey at a bar and still wasn't drunk on Facebook (like seriously, I can bet my left kidney, that one bottle would get just about anyone inebriated).

3. They lie about what they're doing or did on vacation.
This is now even more common than ever with the proliferation of Photoshop or Location spoofing, we now have cases of people claiming to have spent their holidays in Paris, London and etc, when they were in their villages in Ibadan or Okitipupa.

4. They lie about their job.
This is one that I can't fault at times (everyone deserves to make themselves feel good). But sometimes some people tend to blow it up to celestial proportion, like how does selling groundnut oil or palm oil make you an oil marketer. Even the unemployed have been known to show remarkable prowess in this department, I had a friend that is gifted in this department. In between lies of working at a federal government maritime and safety agency and handing out complimentary cards of a company that sells bulletproof cars.

5. They lie about their relationship status
And commonly told "white" lie is the relationship status, this is harmless until you get caught. People tend to lie about if and who they are dating, the fellas are known to indulge in this lie a lot.
A wiseman once said that dating only one person is unwise, heck! I agree...Guys and Girls gotta keep their options open particularly when picking a future partner.But when you factor in the fact that while you are dating two people, those two people might be dating two other people (or more) who in turn might be dating other people and the chain keeps growing. This alone would put one at risk of catching an STI, since our generation isn't known to shy away from pre-marital sex or even practise sex safe at all times.

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