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Saturday, March 9, 2013


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In line with other GSM service providers such as MTN and Airtel announcing new data plans for the new Blackberry 10 devices. Globacom Ltd has also announced their BlackBerry 10 Plans. Like that of MTN, the Glo blackberry 10 data plans also come in tiers, much is known about the plans besides their prices as Globacom Ltd is yet to clarify the differences between these plans and also the amount of data available.

Category Duration Price(N) How to subscribe
BB10Max Month 3000 Send MaxMonth to 777
Week 1050Send MaxWeek to 777
BB10Mid Month1400 Send MidMonth to 777
Week600Send MidWeek to 777
BB10Lite Month 1000 Send LiteMonth to 777
Week 400 Send LiteWeek to 777
BB Unlimited Month 1500Send BBUMonth to 777
Week 600Send BBUWeek to 777
BB Complete Month 1000Send BBCMonth to 777
Week 400 Send BBCWeek to 777

Source: Gloworld

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