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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Facebook would soon allow users to reply to directly to comments on status updates. For now this feature would be open to pages with over a 10,000 likes, others would have to opt-in from the Admin panel.

But would automatically added to every page by July 10, 2013. As of this time, this feature would be only available to desktop website users, mobile and Open Graph users would get this feature later.
According to Facebook's blog
Conversation threads are re-ordered by relevance to viewers, and may appear differently to each person based on their connections, specifically:
  • Positive Feedback: the amount of positive feedback based on the total number of Likes and Replies in a conversation thread, which includes Likes or Replies by the Page owner.
  • Connections: connections to participants in a thread may move the conversation higher. For example, conversations with Comments left by friends may appear at the top.
  • Negative Feedback: the total number of spam reports in a thread, as well as marks-as-spam made by the Page owner. We also may down-rank comments made by frequent spammers.

This feature was previously available to some beta users.

Source: Facebook

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