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Thursday, March 28, 2013


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Coming off the heels of their Q4 report, Blackberry Co-Founder Mike Laziridis has announced that he would be leaving Blackberry, the company that he co-founded with Jim Balsillie in 1984 as Research in Motion (RIM). Laziridis has stepped down as co-CEO last year but still remained on the board as the Vice Chair. Lazaridis had disclosed that he would be leaving the company to focus on his new Quantum Valley Investments venture.
Commenting on his departure from the company he cofounded, Mike Laziridis said that
“With the launch of BlackBerry 10, I believe I have fulfilled my commitment to the Board… I believe I am leaving the company in good hands.”

The timing of his departure couldn't have been any better as this quarter marked a return to profitability after a disappointing last quarter. Although the profit could be attributed to cost cutting/saving measures by the current CEO, Thorsten Heins.

Thorsten Heins had good words to say about Mike Laziridis

“I admire Mike for his many achievements and for his vision in helping bring BlackBerry 10 to fruition… On a personal level, I am grateful to Mike for his help, guidance and advice during my first 15 months as CEO of BlackBerry. I wish him all the best.”
Lazaridis founded BlackBerry then known as RIM (Research In Motion) in 1984 with Jim Balsillie. With the duo serving as co-CEO until last year.
Balsillie resigned from BlackBerry in March of 2012 as the RIM suffered a steep decline in fortunes, as customers flocked to the iPhone and Android devices such as Galaxies. Jim Balsillie recently divested of his shares in Blackberry.

Source: FoneArena

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