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Saturday, February 23, 2013


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Sometime ago I expressed my fears about the recent changes that the new Blackberry 10 would bring in to the popular Blackberry Internet plans and why it wouldn't mean well for the consumers (particularly in Nigeria) and it seems the fellows at BGR also agree and suggest that such changes would also not mean well for Blackberry too.
Here are a few excerpts from an article recently published by BGR
South Africa has been one of BlackBerry’s ( BBRY) key markets globally and the Canadian vendor has held more than 50% of the smartphone market there for years. As the BlackBerry Z10 now rolls out in South Africa, the country will be a key testing ground for a potentially controversial development. Local mobile operators will no longer offer unlimited BlackBerry Messenger service after May 31st, just three months after the Z10 debuts in South Africa.
This is perfectly understandable, because the new version of BBM offers advanced IP-based features such as voice and video sharing , which are likely to turn into data hogs. The unlimited internet access that has been a popular part of BlackBerry package deals in emerging markets has fostered heavy data volume growth.
The decision of MTN and Vodacom to discontinue unlimited BBM service has already triggered some angry responses in South Africa.
While in Nigeria, MTN has already announced it's new Blackberry Internet plans for devices such as the Z10 which offer less data than the usual Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) already offered and costs significantly much more. It remains to be seen if the other GSM service providers such as Glo, Airtel and Etisalat would follow suit.

To read the full article head over to BGR

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