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Saturday, February 2, 2013


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The new BlackBerry 10 announced a few days ago had brought about fears about the dropping of BIS and problems it could bring about well all the hurrah about the news has been misplaced as the latest information gathered from Engadget and Crackberry have been able to confirm that the new Blackberry devices would work fully on the Blackberry Internet Service meaning that not only would you be able to use BBM on the BIS plan but also apps such as the Internet browser, Skype and others would also be able to use this service.

  • Every application would be able to use the BIS
  • You won't be charged from your airtime for using apps like Skype and web browsing if you have an active BIS subscription
  • You can also use BBM with or without BIS
  • You need a Complete plan as The Social plans would not work on Blackberry 10 devices

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