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Sunday, December 9, 2012


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Albert Einstein once said that "there are two things that are infinite, the Universe and Human Stupidity"

Illuminati has taken over the world just like the bible said it will but please don't let it take over you. Warning from President Borman... Stop using words like Hud, Wud, Jc and Lol... Why? Hud means Heaven under devil, Wud means Worship upon devil, Jc means Jesus is crazy and Lol means Lucifer our lord... Please forward these message to make people aware send it to many as possible but if you work with the devil close your precious phone.

And broadcast messages such as the above messages help remove every doubt that some human being are clearly and absolutely stupid.

Stupidity in clear sense is an inability to profit from experience.

How would someone, a moderately educated person (with high or secondary school leaving certificate) fail to ask himself some questions about the messages that they receive before passing it to others. Anyone who has used the social networks like twitter or even common text messages  would realize that abbreviations are necessary if one wants to pass a message across due to the limitations of the number of character space.

That's why acronyms like 'lol', 'wud', 'shud' have been used to replace 'laughing out loud', 'would' and 'should' respectively in our day to day conversations. And to users mean the above. Yet some people for one dumb reason or the other have chosen to believe that it means  lucifer our lord, heaven under devil, etc. Like they don't think an acronym could have more than one meaning. Just like AA could mean Automobile Association, it could also imply Anal Addiction, NEPA means National Electric Power Authority, can also be made to be Never Expect Power Atall.
How can anyone with more than one brain cell come up with "Jesus is crazy" from JC. Worship Upon Satan doesn't make sense linguistically.
Has any of those idiots wondered who "President Bormon is", "which country he rules" or show one bit of curiosity about the origin and authenticity  of such a messge before passing it on to others.

I for one can not understand why people have an addiction with the Illuminati, everything is attributed to the them, signs that meant innocent things yesterday have been misconstrued as occultic symbols. What's with the obsession for negativity.

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  1. Like!!! God bless you. Shit is even annoying me...


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