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Sunday, December 9, 2012


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A day ago I read an article on The Daily Post on how the Nigerian accent is the sixth sexiest accent in the world, and that left me puzzled cause in Nigeria mostly due to Tribal and Linguistic differences we all sound different. The Yoruba dialect is plagued with the strange but funny lack of the 'H' consonant sound which can make certain simple sentences sound funny when uttered by the yorubas, so that can't be the accent that people find sexy, when I look towards the north and remember my NYSC days and remember how my hausa friends manage to murder some nicknames as they attempt to pronounce them, I am left without doubt that the accent in queston is the Igbo accent (Nna think am, na).
The igbo accent just rolls off the tongue smoothly like oil or fine butter. It's sounds almost like someone mixed spanish and french accents and added a hint of the English accent to it. It totally explains how an igbo man can keep a wife at home and have more than two girlfriends at home with little or no difficulty.
Ladies just imagine hypothetical that a hausa man, Yoruba man and Igbo man were trying to ask you out, (leaving out tribal affiliations and sentiments) truthfully who would you pick?.

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