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Thursday, December 20, 2012


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Ever lost your important files due to your blackberry being missing or stolen by unscrupulous people? Ever wondered if you could get those pictures back? If your answer to these questions is Yes. Then I have good news for you.
You can always get your pictures back from your old phone with Dropbox.
Dropbox let's you back up your files to secured folder on the internet. Thereby preserving all your important files.
All you have to do is install the dropbox blackberry on your phone to backup and retrieve your files.
Dropbox also let's you have access to your files from a web browser, iPhone, Android phones or tablets (Galaxy series), Computer and mobile web.
Dropbox also let's you share these files with people through twitter, email, facebook etc

To Use Dropbox to backup your files
1. Sign up for dropbox by Clicking here

2. Download the dropbox by Clicking here
3. Press the Menu key and choose Upload a photo.
4. Choose either Take new or From gallery.
5. Choose the picture you want and OK
5. All you have to do to get your pictures back when you get a new phone is to install the dropbox and export your pictures to your device.

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