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Friday, November 16, 2012


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If you are an android user in Nigeriathen you are at the receiving end of the operator's stick. Where a 1gb smartphone data plan costs 3,000 Naira while an unlimited data plan on blackberry costs half that amount. Which is totally unfair, considering how much more fun browsing, tweeting and facebook on android is. So for most android users, data frugality is the watchword and that means a data management app like 3G Watchdog, Onavo count or any other data management app. Having used some of these apps, only one app gets my recommendation as most other apps are usually barebones or ugly. But My Data Manager manages to combine functionality and aesthetics in one sweet package.

The homepage of this app shows a bar that tracks the data used, lef and the time remaining. It also shows the data used today and the recommended daily usage (data remaining today).

Another swipe shows data usage by day in a bar chart,

another swipe shows data usage by apps in a pie chart

All these makes for a visually stunning app. The settings tabs accessed by a three dotted UI on the top of the app, allows you to set up the data allowance, time period for the data, data already used before getting the app, daily usage alarms with an option to switch the data connectivity off when the daily data usage has been reached.

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