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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

N-GAGE 2.0

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N-gage application is the heart of N-gage experienced. Once installed,you can download,try and buy some exceptional games, share the fun with friends,and stay in touch with your gaming life, all from one place in your device.
The following devices have been announced as N-gage compatible:
Nokia N81, N81 8gb, N73, N82, N93, N93i, N95, and N95 8gb.
Please note that Nokia will continue to announce N-gage compatibility with a wide range of S60 Nokia devices on an ongoing basis.
N-gage application is unsigned,you must hack your phone to be able to install it to your phone.
Hacking your phone will take only 2 minutes of your time. If you want to feel the thrill on playing N-gage game,do the hacking thing NOW!!

Get the link on how to hack your phone below!
N-Gage.Installer.v1.10.1345_For_All is a repack of the original updated N-Gage application.
Phone model dependencies have been removed so it can be installed on all phones.
Previous installer (v1.01) will also be supported in future games.
N-Gage.Patch_v1.10.1345.sis will remove the trial stamp from all games.
N-Gage.UndoPatch_v1.10.1345.sis will restore the trial stamp from all games official.
N-Gage.Fixes.SiS includes the following fixes:
•Gameloft Brothers In Arms v1.2.3: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2.
•Rovio Bounce Boing Voyage v1.00: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2.
•Jadestone Dirk Dagger And The Fallen Idol v0.99: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2.
•Gameloft Dogz v1.3.6: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2.
•EA Sports FIFA 08 v1.0.30: Fixed random crash on halftime during tournament or season modes.
•Mineshaft Pro Series Golf v1.39: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2 and random crash on career mode.
•RedLynx Reset Generation v1.00: Fixed compatibility with symbianOS9.2
Dont install yet the N-gage Patch until you have installed all your favorite games on N-gage environment or else you will mess up the installation of the game or worst, you will get an “File corrupted” error message.
If you wish to add a game in your N-gage and N-gage patch is already installed,
1. Install first the N-gage undo Patch.sis to bring back all the game to Trial.
2. Put the game on E:/n-gage/
3. Open N-gage application,the installation of the game will continue.
4. Close N-gage application.
5. Install N-gage patch.sis.
This is Crack and Unsigned version,for Hack Phones only.
Download Ngage 2.0

Hack your phone

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