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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


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I strongly recommend you hacking your phone to install these games, it requires the HelioOX2 application, a dev cert which can be obtained from this site just follow the instructions on the website, submit your imei number which is a 15-digit number obtained by pressing *#06# on your standby, home or idle screen. Then come back a day later re-enter your imei number. a download the first two links on the top of the page. The first file contains the dev cert the second contains the signing application...change the language to english...extract the content of the first file which the file name is in numbers and then the signer...open the signer (SIGN TOOLS)...check the first tab (SIGN)...in the first the box chose the certificate file and the second the application you wish to sign like HelioOX2...then click sign and viola you have a signed application for your phone...transfer to your phone..install the application and open it..accept all. You can try signing the N-gage app, or though it should install without signing..

it you get trial notification try any key the application will then close,, just reopen it

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